Hei Finland!


Oh, Finland. That wondrous land famous for…err…um…hmm. Geez, I guess I don’t know too much about Finland. So it’s a good thing that fellow Tumblr-er and scandybars reader, tiikerikani, created this blog:

elämän puu ~ the tree of life

She was also kind enough to send me some fine Finnish candy bars which I’ll be sharing with you in the coming days. Please check out her blog and show some love. Thanks tiikerikani!

OK, upon some internet web searching, here are some fun facts about Finland:

  • Was part of Sweden and then Russia and finally gained independence on December 6, 1917 (Happy Belated Birthday).
  • Purportedly the home of Santa Claus.
  • Land of snow and saunas.
  • National sport is Pesäpallo (which looks like non-symetric baseball) but hockey may be more loved there.
  • Home of Nokia (I had one of those phones once) and Angry Birds.

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